Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas, New year and other random thoughts

Does anyone else wonder where exactly 2016 went? I find it hard to believe it is already Christmas. It seems as though I just got used to using 2016 and now I will spend another six months trying to remember to write 17 on everything.

So I have finally purchased and made my last Christmas gift. Spent the night wrapping those gifts and came to  two conclusions - sitting on the floor wrapping hurts my knees ( and not just while I'm wrapping but for days) and don't look at what you thought was the perfect gift and wonder what you were thinking.

I hope each and everyone one of you have a wonderful Christmas. Did you know the first night of Hanukkah is Christmas Eve this year. After this year when we have seen much anger and violence in this world - I believe this is God's way of letting us know - we are all his children. His way of saying 'hang in there things will better for all you."  I believe God loves us all and if you look for simple thing in your life - your husband's hug , your child's smile or just a "have a nice day' from the stranger behind  the counter at a fast food place or local dry cleaners " then we will all have a better year.

So from all of us at Cowboy Cleaners -  MERRY CHRISTMAS and may 2017 ( no matter how long it takes us to finally get used to using it on our checks) be a wonderful year full of love and kindness. May God bless each of you .

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