Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolution You Can Keep

Every year we are assaulted right about now with New Year resolutions. The morning news folks bring on experts to tell us how to actually do the things we say we want to do. Yep, we can shed those extra pounds, learn to quit cussing, quit smoking or just do the things we say we want to do without fizzing out in two weeks or being complete jerks to our friends and families before we fizzle out.

So did you make a resolution? It's been 5 days - how's that working for you? Well for me - the shed those extra pounds came to a roaring halt when I made Paula Deen's " Not Your Mama's Banana Pudding". If you are a lose weight resolution person skip this paragraph. You absolutely do not want to read this. This banana pudding will change your life. Bananas taste really good - even if you haven't eaten a banana since the Gerber jar. The pudding is creamy, fluffy and rich. Instead of the old vanila wafer that turns into a gluey goo - you use a cookie. And sad to say this makes a huge 9x13 pan of yummy heaven. To make this really depressingly awful - it's super easy to make. So go to Food Network's web site - get the recipe and forget the shedding pounds. Of course we could exercise and still eat the pudding. But hey - that's too much work and it's really cold outside. I don't want to walk in the cold and then before you know it it's really hot outside and then - well you see the problem. So another year of chubby Vicky. Another resolution bites the dust.

But wait - there is a resolution we can all keep. "What?" you say. Yes, there is a resolution that is easy , requires no work, no exercise, no giving things up , and takes about 1 minute. How perfect is that? And when your friends ask you can say "yes I made a resolution." Because you know if you say " no I never make resolutions." you just sound like a lame loser with no willpower. And when asked later in the year "how's that resolution going?" You can say "going great."

So here it - before you buy any clothes this year resolve to read the care labels. EASY! So repeat after me - I resolve to read the care label before I buy any garment. ( see you're no lame loser without willpower) You are empowered. You will know exactly what you are buying and will not waste your money on over-priced clothes that cannot be cleaned. ( what would be the point of reading the label and still buying over-priced stuff that can't be cleaned just for the designer label)You can do this. And in the next few months - you will still have the willpower to continue. By December 2010 - you will have been one of the few who did it. Made a resolution and kept it.

So while you are keeping your resolution - yes you empowered resolution winner - think of me. I cannot make this my resolution - that would be well stupid. What kind of drycleaner would I be if I didn't already read the care labels? Heck , I even read yours when your clothes come here. So I am care label reader. I cannot resolve to read care labels ( lucky you and pity me).

So I will resolve to to lose weight - good bye Paula Deen. I will try to excercise - guess I should get off my tushie now and walk around the block. I will try to get into my skinny jeans - hello Special K. So while I am eating lawn and cardboard ( no -it will just taste that way) .You will be reading care labels. You will keep your resolution and me - well we'll talk next December.