Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Operation Interdependence

It is that time of year again, Operation Interdependence. This is when we collect items for the troops. You can help. We have a box in each stores and our route drivers will bring in items. We send these goodie bags to our men and women of the military to remind them that the folks back home appreciate their service. It also gives these brave men and women a little bit of home wherever they are in the world.
Many of you wonder what to put in the box. Well I can give you a few ideas .

Beef Jerky or Slim Jim
Chapstick/ Carmex ( one thing I can't live without)
Crackers - cheese , peanut butter filled YUM !!!
Fast Food Condiments  ( you know how you get loads of these and couldn't possibly use them all -well the troops would love that ketchup , salsa , mayo and mustard) Please put these in baggies .
Deck of cards
Nuts / Seeds
Pens / Small Notebook - no pencils
Powder drink mix packages
Cookies /Chips
Tea bags
Tuna pouches
Hot chocolate Mix
Travel Size toothpaste , shampoo and conditioner,  any travel size personal products

But nothing that has alcohol in its ingredients ( so check that mouth wash )
Also no hemp, hemp seeds, or hemp oil ( Kashi and Kind bars contain this - so check the labels on your granola bars.)

I always try to find things that I would miss if I were somewhere else in the world. What would I want if I were in a desert or somewhere that didn't have stuff that we all just take for granted. And because I am a girl - I always try to remember they need some girlie stuff like flavored lip gloss. But nothing that smells too strong. ( no need for the enemy to smell our folks coming) Everything needs to be individually wrapped with either plastic or foil from the factory ( paper could be tampered with). And sadly, though many of us may want to bake for the troops - no homemade goods.

And for sure - include a note. Just a few word of thanks and encouragement . You will never know just how much that means to these folks away from home, family and friends.

So stop on by any of our stores and put some items ( and your notes) in the box. I already put some stuff in the box - and will be working on my notes tonight. We have done this for years and because of you - Cowboy Cleaners has been one of the biggest and best donors. We fill 6 boxes every year. So let's you and I try to make it 7 this year.