Monday, June 20, 2011

We're Having a heat Wave

Some of you will remember the song "We're Having a Heat Wave." If you are not old enough to have heard it on the radio , watch re-runs of "M.A.S.H." But, if you are living in San Antonio - we are having a heat wave. Heck we are frying. Yesterday it was 104. Today it's 104. Tomorrow- who knows. We need rain. My lawn is a lovely shade of brown and plants are dying. So simple reminder - drink a lot of water, stay indoors if you can, and try to keep cool.

I know I talked about this before - but it really needs to be said again - perspiration can damage clothes. It can change the color of the dyes used in making your clothes. It is important with days like these to make sure that anything you wear - is immediately cleaned to remove perspiration. Don't leave damp clothes in your hamper - one garment can fade unto another. So if your garment is damp from perspiration -hang it up to dry (if dry clean only) or wash immediately if you can. Don't put these garments back into the closet until it's cleaned.

Also remember to clean to clean stains and soil as soon as possible. Any stains or soil left on a garment can become impossible to remove. Studies by the Dry Cleaning And Laundry Institute show after aging for only one week,20% of stains cannot be removed satisfactorily. After three weeks , this increases to 47%.

Always allow lotions, antiperspirants, perfumes, and toiletries to dry before you get dressed.These products can contain ingredients that can cause color loss or color changes in your garments. We all know we are not supposed to sit in the sun - ( yeah that summer tan can kill ya) so if you use a sunless tanner - be sure you give it enough time to dry.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or strong artificial lights can affect the color in your garments. The light can fade the color. If the garment is white -it can cause the white to yellow or gray. I have always wondered what crazy architect thought putting a window in a closet is a good idea.

Always clean and wear matching items together.

So while you're roasting here - remember your clothes. This is that time of year to pay special attention to your clothes. The deodorant and perspiration that isn't immediately removed from those garments can leave lasting damage. Oh joy - as if you didn't have enough to worry about. But think of it this way - there are 3 things you have the largest investment in - house, car and wardrobe. So don't forget to protect your investment.