Wednesday, October 12, 2011

99% Pure Manure

Normally, I don't comment on politics - but what is normal about this occupy wall street crap? You have every freak and loser stinking up lower Manhattan. They are joined by rich kids whose parents apparently abdicated the ability to teach their kids common sense. Let me just say - right here -right now - if I was paying 100k for my kid to attend a university they had better have their butts in the desk and be studying- not hanging around loonies. But 1. I don't have 100k to send my kids to those bastions of liberal lunacy and 2. my kids have enough sense and fear of mom to never do anything that stupid 3. my kids know they would not be going back to the 100k school and would learn what it actually takes to make a buck.
Then in swoops the "I know your pain" liberals. I call Bulls*#^!!!! Do you own a $1000 pair of jeans? Did you even know $1000 jeans existed? Well, apparently Balmain jeans are $1000. What the hell make a jean worth $1000? Denim is denim is denim...... I'll tell you what makes a jean worth $1000 - Kayne West is stupid enough to be pay it.Yep , that fine example of intelligence went to occupy wall street wearing those $1000 jeans, a $355 Givenchy plaid shirt ( looks a lot like the Lamar Alexander $25 one), $500 shoes and enough gold to choke a leprechaun. And that fool acts like he is part of the 99%. Once again , I call Bulls*#@!!!!!!!
And lets talk about the top 1% and the 99%. Is there anyone out there who doesn't want to be part of the top 1%? Anyone not want to be a billionaire? Well ? If you are honest ( and not part of the 1%) - yes!!! I don't want to work those long hours - I like my husband and kids. So yeah I'm happy being a 99%er. I am not however a bottom 50% er who pays no taxes at all. You. I suspect are not either - or you'd be occupying something asking for - oh wait we don't know what they want. You are like me - regular tax-paying folks. I like billionaires - Steve Jobs made "Cars and Toy Story" and my apple computer. OK George Soros isn't on my list of likable billionaires but that's because he is funding this crap ( literal if you watch the news).
And comparing these losers, anti-Semites, druggies and nuts to the Tea Party? That is just more - well I call Bulls*#@!!!! Tea party was polite, cleaned after themselves, and had clear issues - quit spending and follow the Constitution. These crazy stinky lazy asses - they have no goals -oh DUH!!!!! Why would useless people have a goal in protesting when they don't have a goal in life?
So I am not a 1%er or 99%er - I am a 49%er!!! Yep, I care about my country. I go to work everyday and pay way too much in taxes. I think the government spends too much. I own guns, read the Constitution and even own a Bible. I am tired of being told I cannot pray in public - too damn bad - sometimes you just need God. I won't shoot you for no reason - but come near my husband, kids or pets ( in Texas they are considered property) - then Castle Law it is!!! I expect to be treated fairly and treat others the same. I haven't created anything that changed the world - but I do make clothes look good. So should I be paid the same as Steve Jobs - hell no !!!
And get this -- the anti-capitalism wall street stinkers - have over 1200 items listed on E-bay . Yep, can't take a bath but complain about capitalism while loading items on E-bay from their laptops and I-phones.$ 30 t-shirts and $3.50 buttons - what a rip -off ? oh wait isn't that what they are protesting? being ripped off !!! So I call bulls*@^!!!!!!!!.