Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Forget

I remember listening to the radio when I heard a plane hit the World Trade Center. That was all that was said. The announcer didn't know what kind of plane or exactly what happened. I thought "oh my". Then minutes later, the same announcer said the second tower was hit by another plane. It was then that "oh my" turned into "oh God, what is happening?". We had no t.v in my office - so we ran out to get one. We knew when the second plane hit - this was a nightmare, an act of war, and a day that will forever be etched into our minds.
I will not forget watching those brave firefighters and policeman running into a building while others were running out. I will not forget the faces of family members looking and praying for their loved ones. I will not forget the towers collapsing. I will not forget those brave and patriotic Americans on Flight 93 and their sacrifice. Ordinary folks who chose to down the plane rather than allow the terrorists to kill others. I will not forget the Pentagon, the headquarters of our military, hit by yet another plane.
And then the silence. No planes flying - just silence. The background noise we have all become so used to , we no longer notice it. But when it was gone the silence was deafening. I remember looking up to the sky - waiting just waiting to hear that sound again. When the planes began to fly again - I stood in the street - just to watch them and silently pray.
Ten years have passed since that day. Ten years. Much has changed. We know the enemy has not given up. But neither have we. We stood together. We showed those cowards - those radical Islamic terrorists - we do not give in, we do not act them , we help one another and we stand together and we will not be victims. WE ARE AMERICANS!!! We are the greatest nation on the earth, we are the greatest people on the earth , and WE WILL NOT ALLOW CRAZY COWARDLY TERRORISTS TO DEFEAT US! And yes, WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM - IN EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE.
So this Sunday, September 11th, I will pray for those who lost their lives ( I will not do that for the terrorists - they can ask their own vindictive god to do that for them). I will thank God ( the kind, just and merciful one we believe in) for those firefighters and policeman who thought of others before themselves. I will thank God for the heroes of Flight 93. I will thank God ( despite that idiot Mayor Bloomberg's objection) for this country and for our people. WE ARE AMERICANS. I WILL NOT FORGET. YOU WILL NOT FORGET. We will make sure our children, grandchildren, and every future generation remembers. GOD BLESS AMERICA.