Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey (and gravy and cranberry stains)

O.K. Let's talk turkey. Where did that come from ? What the heck did they mean by talking turkey- Gobbling? Nope! Actually it originally meant a nice chat similar to the ones around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. But like most phrases over time it changed to skip the niceties and get on with the important stuff. So let's skip the pleasantries and get on with the turkey talk.

Most of you know, Ben Franklin wanted the turkey as the national symbol.He also thought the rattlesnake would make a good symbol. He felt the rattlesnake was an appropriate symbol or "the temper and conduct of America". ( after the last election and the revolt at the airports of the naked scanners and the grope - he may have been right.)So now I will digress - heard a great joke about the TSA-can't see London can't see France unless I see your underpants. O.K. just one more no shirt - no shoes - no problem. But back to Ben and the turkey. He was talking about a wild turkey and not the inbred butterball. He thought the turkey to be "a true original Native of America." "Though a little vain and silly, a bird of courage."Poor Ben, little did he know we would be eating them every Thanksgiving.

So some fun turkey facts. The turkey is the only native poultry breed of the Western Hemisphere. Turkeys have great hearing skills but no ears. Turkeys can see in colors( how they know this is beyond me) have excellent visual acuity and their fields of vision spans about 270 degrees. Turkeys have poor sense of smell but a great sense of taste.Wild turkeys can fly at a speed of 55 miles per hour over short distances and can run 25 miles per hour. Domestic turkeys ( the butterballs) are so sensitive that they can drown by looking up while it is raining and can have heart attacks due to sudden shocks. I don't know about you but those last two facts make me feel less guilty about eating mine on Thursday.

Now let's say while you are eating the turkey,gravy,cranberries etc. - some spills down your shirt or on the tablecloth. Just remember turkey and gravy have oil based stains and don't just wash these. (oil and water don't mix) The stain will wash out but not the oil and that will leave a darker spot on the clothes where the turkey or gravy stain once was. Cranberry makes a great red dye.( many old and antique quilts were dyed with natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs) So be sure and treat cranberry like a dye. But most of all , don't worry about any of those stains - we can get them out.

So eat ,drink and enjoy your family. I love Thanksgiving. I love a holiday that requires nothing more than family and good food. So enjoy your Thanksgiving. Watch the parade, the football games and be glad that you can spend the day with the people you love. I know - we will. Have a safe , delicious and great Thanksgiving. While this may have been a trying year ( economy and all) it is nice to spend a day remembering what we should be really thankful for - this country, our family and friends, and pumpkin pie. ( I know some days we may think that the pie should lead the list but that's great thing about Thanksgiving - everything is put in prespective) Happy Thanksgiving.