Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Election time

Well ..... it's that time again. Election time. Like most of you I have been watching the debates. I have to admit until this year I never considered the size of hands as an important election issue - but sadly aren't we  all now slyly looking at hands - yeah even the salesman who walks in your office???? And so if hands have a guy thing equivalent - what is the gal thing????

I don't know about you - but maybe we ought to have a lottery for President. Throw every one's name who meets the Constitutional requirements  for President in hat and then draw a name. So hey - your name gets drawn - tag you're it!!! Can that actually be any worse ???

But while the rest of the country was listening to all these debates - I was watching. Do you want a President with a wrinkled shirt??? Or badly pressed lapels??? Think not !!!! How about a stain on the tie??? And maybe it's just me - but I like the fact the Carley Fiorina wears skirts that skim nicely on her derriere and legs and doesn't wear a snug Kardashian skirt that one could not possibly sit down in or eat a bite of food.( we can fix that in our alterations department) Hillary wears a nice pant suit - did you notice the crease in the pants ???Well I did and it was nice and sharp. As was every crease in the guys pants. So do you think if you saw any of those guys up there with  a big old stain on their coat or tie that you would not notice ?? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!!!! Maybe it would be subtle - you might think to yourself "HMMM there's just something wrong with that guy or gal" but more than likely you would notice and say to yourself" Geez- if he or she can't even get their clothes to cleaners how can they run a country?" Who wants a President who looks like the last prune in the box??? NO ONE!!!!

So there ya have it - my election notes. And just a reminder to you - make sure you look presidential (maybe my lottery idea will come pass and you will need too.)While we say we judge people by their hearts and minds - let's be honest - we do judge on other less noble things. So make sure your pants are creased, your lapels are rolled, shirts not wrinkled, no clothes too tight and no stains waving a big hello to folks. And if you look presidential - then heck the only thing you will have to worry about is your hands ( or feet or as Donald Trump said  your whatever coming out your wherever ).Oh come on - no one really believes that stuff anyway - RIGHT??Just in case keep your hands in your pockets ( and if you need those repaired - yep I can do that too!)

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