Monday, March 8, 2010

Take it off

Yes, I know it sounds like that old song from the Joe Namath shaving cream ad ( how old am I to remember Joe Namath much less that ad) But it is time to take off - take it all off. What , you asking, my clothes? No ! (unless you are Tom Selleck - but chances are darn good you are not- so leave the clothes on) So what am I talking about?

Now, inside some of your clothes (Ann Taylor for sure) is a tag that is sewn into the seam that says " remove before washing or wearing". This tag is for inventory control. But you need to know - they really do need to come out. Inside that tag is a dye pack. So just like the ones put in the bank bags during a robbery - that tag is the mini version.

So what can happen if you don't remove the inventory control tag. Well , you wont have it explode on your face or hands like a bank robber but it can explode. If you ever had a load of laundry come out with purple, red , or blue tinge - the unremoved inventory control tag could be the problem. If it leaks while you're wearing it - well it could get on you and that will take a while to come off. You will need a lot of baby oil for that one.

So check those new clothes carefully.They are in blouses, pants, and skirts. Usually , they are near the - ( ok by now you should know this ) THE CARE LABEL. So snip those control tags out to prevent damage to the garment and a very weird tattoo for you . Careful, don't snip your gament. But if you are a little wary of snipping these out - come on by and we will be happy to take care of it for you.

So once again - I managed to get care label into another blog. So now I want you to not only read that care label but get those inventory control tags out before washing or wearing.