Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thoughts for the end of 2014

Well, another year is coming to an end. Like most of you I wonder where the time has gone. Plus here we are wondering again what to give the guy or gal on our list that every year is challenge. ( a Cowboy Cleaners gift certificate is not a bad idea - I'm just saying) But we also look back at the year that was and what we can hope for or expect next year.

So ... some thoughts. This year we had no meat dresses or any other such nonsense. WHOO HOO!!! Does that mean we are all going to be thrilled with the 2015 "looks". Oh I think not. So for those of you wondering what does 2015 look like fashion wise well... here goes
1. Street wear - brightly colored, form fitting (UGH),sporty outfits featuring mix and match patterns, loud prints, big logos and provocative sayings.
2. Swinging 60's - miniskirts. thigh-high boots and shift dresses emphasizing op-art and retro-futuristic accents such as mohair and vinyl. Think Nancy Sinatra and "These Boots Are Made for Walking".
3.Knits - Head to toe Knits. Yep loose knit garments that drape all the way to the floor..
4. Fur - real and faux !! This year over sized and multi-colored patchworks of alpaca,shearling fox and astrkhan. Plus bright faux furs.

So when you go out looking for new clothes - that is what you expect to see a lot of this year. And the official 2015 Pantone color of the year is .........Marsala!!!! Leatrice Eisman, executive Director of Pantone Color Institute says" This earthy red has wine and a very warm brown underneath, which gives the feeling of groundedness,strength and confidence,It has a richness that lends sophistication. When you wear it it is a self-fulfilling prophecy - you'll find you get positive reactions from others and it builds up your confidence" All that from a color - heck Chicken Marsala is pretty good to eat so who knows maybe you can get that all from a color. But expect to see Marsala everywhere - clothes, shoes , lipstick and paint colors.I may go for the clothes,shoes and lipstick but I'm going to stop at repainting the living room

Maybe as we get older and start to contemplate our mortality we start to wonder where we are on the old life expectancy chart. I kinda avoid those charts mainly because I figure they don't include the random hit by a bus or rolling off a cliff - both of which I am trying to avoid.My theory is when it's my time then it's my time - I just don't want to be on a plane with someone else whose time it is and go with them like collateral damage. So let's get off our own mortality and discuss the mortality of your household stuff. Don't you love it when I transition back to clothes and such? But for those who are wondering what to get folks for Christmas - this might actually help. Did you know your bedspread and comforters have a life expectancy of 6 years? So maybe if someones bedspread is over 6 years old - get them a new Marsala bedspread !!! Blankets have about 5 years except wool that can last up to 10 years. Curtains and drapery sheers have 3 years. Draperies about 5 years - if you are lucky you can switch out the drapes and bedspread for Marsala this year and 2019 get new ones in the Pantone color for that year. Sheets and pillowcases only will last about 2 years.But towels will last about 3 years. So look around the house boys - this may be the year to get the your gal some lovely new bedding etc. OK not as good idea as a nice Marsala gemstone ( diamond ,ruby or garnet) but surely much more useful.

So those are some thoughts from 2014.Here is a few for 2015 - maybe this year will be less tumultuous.  Maybe , and not to sound all Pollyanna , we could stop calling each other names and actually listen to one another. I hope we all realize that being polite is just way easier for everyone. A simple please and thank you could change some one's day. Thank God ( or whatever deity or lack thereof you believe in) for your family and friends because without them life would be dull, boring and just plain sad. Take a moment each day just to be grateful for your life, the people around you and (even though at time you may wonder if it isn't going to hell in a handbag) this country. If we all could just for a moment realize how greatly we have been blessed - then maybe 2015 will be a great year. Here is wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2015.

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