Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola ,germs and other things that scare the c~*p out of me

Well this may be a first .... I always want business. We work hard to keep our customers happy and try and reach out to get new customers. But ....if there is any chance you may have come in contact with some one who has ebola... DO NOT BRING ME YOUR CLOTHES. In fact , do not take those clothes to any cleaners. Granted drycleaning solvent will kill a whole host of viruses and germs but not ebola. With ebola the advice is BURN BABY BURN. Yep, burn those clothes - even if it is your favorite shirt or dress - light up the grill and torch 'em. Living in Texas ,I guess I may be a wee bit paranoid about ebola. But maybe you are too. I mean damn - does anyone understand what the CDC is doing? The guy next to you on the plane could have loaded up on Tylenol and flown over from Liberia. Does that make any sense? SO of course they won't have a fever. You know back in the old days - when someone came to this country from another country with a virulent disease they were placed in quaranteen. Your dang dog is placed in quaranteen when returning to this country. Your dog and cat get stuck for weeks waiting to get released into society - but hell an infected person just strolls on out of the airport into your neighborhood. Does that make any sense? So you are being told to wash your hands. RIGHT !!! Washing hands and hand sanitizer works great for a lot of germs and viruses BUT NOT EBOLA. Ebola needs bleach ....use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. So if you are flying - get those bleach wipes and wipe away - the arm rest, the seat , the guy next to you and even your hands. Yep BLEACH BABY BLEACH. And spray your bleach solution on surfaces in your house etc. Now I must confess ... I am terrified of needles. So needless to say , I have never gone for a flu shot. But this year I think I will suck it up and hyperventilate my way to get a flu shot. I heard a doctor on the radio suggesting we get the flu shot this year, His reason was if we all get a flu shot then we will not have the flu which in the intitial stages resembles the symptoms of ebola. So if you have a flu shot and start having flu-like symtoms you have ebola. Or if everyone has a flu shot then the guy at the airport who is feverish etc - does not have the flu but has ebola. SO GET A FLU SHOT!!! I have also read that UV light disenfection will kill the ebola virus.Not sure how useful that advise is ...unless you want to put a few up in your house. But there are small portable UV light disenfection devices - so maybe get one and wave it over everything you come in contact with? Heck I'd be ok if you wave one on me. So yep, I'm a paranoid. And apparently I am a complete redneck who distrusts the government at least whenever the CDC get on tv and starts telling me how hard it is to get ebola. Especially after a nurse totally covered in protective gear got ebola. I'm not quite ready to hole-up with my survival gear but I am just paranoid to stay away from sneezing, wheezing and sweaty people. Dang - this is Texas and most of us are sweaty people - not good. But lastly, please PRAY FOR NINA PHAM. This young lady is the nurse from Dallas who now has ebola. She is 26 years old and recent graduate from TCU. Please pray for her -this young lady did what you and I could not - she worked with a person she knew had ebola and did it anyway. What a courageous young lady!!! So I ask that all of you keep her in your prayers.

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