Wednesday, December 16, 2009

See Jane run ! Run Jane run!

See Jane run. See Spot run. See Jane run from spot clean only.

Sorry guys, but this really doesn't apply to you. But I promise to write a men - only blog at later date. ( and it will be good clean fun ) There's is nothing as good or good for a groan as a pun. And I am the Queen .

So ladies - why is this for you? Well - here comes New Year. And what do you need for those New Year's Eve parties? A new dress. Men , God love 'em , never seem to understand the importance of a new dress. There's nothing quite like finding a dress that makes you look drop dead gorgeous. At my age if a dress just hides certain parts and makes other parts look thinner - well it's a winner.

Since I'm no Stacey London or Tim Gunn , I can't tell you what will look good on you. But trust me - if there are big toasting champagne glasses on your chest - put it back on the rack. But what I can tell you is how to pick a dress that will last for years and is able to be cleaned.

So before you try on any dress ( yes, before because if you do this after you may tempted to buy it any way) check the care label. The care label may be hard to find. So think of this as a scavenger hunt for grand prize. It may be on the back of collar but most likely scavenger hunter it's on the side seam. This once you find it - is the font of all knowledge. This is just as important and fankly maybe more important than the price.

Why? Well this will tell you how well this dress will last. This will tell you if you will get many parties out of this dress or if you should wear it once and toss it. What? you say, spend hundreds of dollars to wear it once. Yep, that's the dirty little secret . ( told ya I was the queen) Some very expensive dresses can not be cleaned . SO RUN from "SPOT CLEAN ONLY".

SPOT CLEAN ONLY- what does that mean? Or hey, how about PROFESSIONALLY SPOT CLEAN ONLY"? It means do not spill anything on your dress. Imagine your dress with it's sequins, beads, and pearls, and you have to try to remove just the spot and you can not clean the whole dress.How is that clean? And I know pigs sweat, man perspire and women glow - but do you want a dress that will smell like glow?

So run Jane run from "SPOT CLEAN ONLY". Don't even try that dress on. That is right - walk away -leave it on the rack - send a message to designers and manufacturers that you actually want clothes that you can wear more than once.

But,Vicky, what about professionally dryclean only - what does that mean ? Problems. If there is no explanation as to why then leave it on the rack. The label needs to tell you and me why they only want professionals to clean it. But if it says professional dry clean only and gives a reason it may be o.k. So what will make o.k.? If it requires a specific solvent, such as petroleum, then it will be fine. They may want you to remove buttons or trim. And there ladies is the tricky one.
If your dress is covered with sequins and beads and the label says to remove the trim - well no one is going to want to pay to have all the sequins and beads removed to clean the dress and then have them sewn back on after cleaning. That's like making a new dress. Also, make sure that the buttons or rhinestone decorations can be easily removed. Once , again you do not want to pay to have your dress remade after cleaning.

So am I saying - no rhinesone, beads, pearls and sequins ? Heck no - let's face it nothing is nicer than a shiny new dress. And nothing catches eyes like a sparkle on your dress that matches the one in your eyes. What am I am saying is read that care label. If you still have questions - call me . I would rather you call me first and get a dress you can wear for many years than bring me dress that will be nothing but problems for me and you.

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