Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lyin',Tiger, and Bares

So now we know- Tiger Woods is not the guy we thought he was. Ok, Tiger is a lyin', cheating SOB. And this knowledge effects me how? I can understand Mrs. Woods being tee-ed off.(pun intended) Would any of us blame her if she took nine iron to his butt? Not me. But this is now between Mr. and Mrs. Woods.Right? Wrong!

Here come to quote Andy Warhol " the fifteen minutes of fame" for trallops. Yes every tramp that may or may not have slept with Tiger will be on parade. The grand marshall of the bimbo parade - Gloria Allred, will tell how these poor waifs were taken advantage of and their lives are in ruins. Hey, like none of these gals knew he was married?

But at what point did this become news? Do you really need Matt Lauer naming the possible bimbos and plastering their faces on the screen. Wouldn"t you think that maybe these ladies have a little pride and wouldn't want to be known as Tiger's coarse mates. ( yes also intended).

What does this say about our society? We have turned people's shame into news and entertainment. Do you feel superior to whore in one ( ok maybe more than one)Tiger ? Do you feel superior to the shame-less hussies? NO!

So why are we bombarded with Tiger. Why the need to bare-all in the press. Heck, alot of the stuff we are getting as news is just someone guessing. Do you need to know about his pre-nup etc. etc.

News should be what effects you and me. The weather is news. Politics- news. Traffic reports - well since stations now tell ya about traffic tie-ups all over the country - not so much. I don't know about you but I don't need to hear about a 20 car pile-up in L.A. since i wasn't planning to get home here in San Antonio via the Santa Monica Freeway.

So am I saying what Tiger did was right. Heck no. But I'm not married to him. Is he a victim of his wealth, status and culture? Heck no . He's a weak scuzzball. But so are the women who knew he was married and didn't care because he is Tiger Woods. Shame on all .So now we know - but now we need to quit peeping in the Wood's family windows and let them work out or not their problems.

News is like pornography - you know it when you see it. THIS IS NOT NEWS.

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