Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ghosts of Christmas Presents

Tim Gunn says "nothing says love like a gift that's homemade;unfortunately it also says cheapskate". While funny -he is only half right and it's not the cheapskate part. My favorite gifts and the ones I hold dearest are the gifts my children made when they were young. My daughter now 21, remember that age you were uber-smart -your parents uber-ignorant, asked when I was going to stop putting those ugly ornaments on the tree. Those "ugly ornaments" are the ones she and my son made in gradeschool. I said "never". Because to me - they are the best and most valuable ornaments I own.

So as you rush around this Christmas, looking for that perfect gift - stop. No gift is as perfect as you. You are what your family and friends desire. Any thing you give will be fine. And if you decide to make a gift - good for you. A family photo would be perfect for your parents. Husbands get a picture or a painting of your children for your wife. Trust me. If you decide to make a scarf (not that hard - if I can do it - you can do it) or a quilt or a garment be sure to include the care instructions. When you buy fabric or yarn there are instructions on the skein or the end of the fabric bolt.

Whatever you decide - buy the perfect gift that brings tears to the eyes or brings bowl full of jelly laughter or you make cookies etc. Remember you are the greatest gift of all. And heck -even if you completely blow it and give the strangest ,weirdest, crummiest gift ever- it will be memorable. For years to come it will be your ghost of Christmas presents and it will the talk of family gatherings for years. You will be famous.( and yes people outside the family will hear of you).

Merry Christmas and may God bless you and our family.

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